Because of current situation I only do online sessions

I’m 37 years old kinky Goddess – professional Domina and Mistress in femdom lifestyle for many years and I believe in spontaneous natural domination based on my inspiration. I dont want to write here some unnecessary notes and paragrafs for everyone – my natural dominant personality will feel your special abilities, put you in the right place and guide you in my world of bdsm desires.
Occasionally I spend my time in Barcelona, Berlin and Prague and enjoy dominating slaves, subs & fetishists with mutual respect of limits and without sexual contact. My deluxe apartment is private and discrete for our session – not some commercial studio/dungeon rented by hour.
Regardless of experience, only those who know their place in front of Mistress and share some of my bdsm interests can serve me and experience my dark sensual style of domination where I take control and captivate your mind.

Educated and Intelligent
Authoritative and Stable
Demanding and Direct
Provocative and Untouchable
Goddess Lena

Domina Mistress Barcelona domination BDSM

Basic rule of BDSM:
Safe, Sane and Consensual

– Safe means having a knowledge of what is happening without psycho-physical harm.

– Sane denotes the understanding of the difference between fantasy and reality based on rational judgment.

– Consensual indicates that everything must be with consent and respecting the boundaries (limits).

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